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E X P E D I T I O N  2 0 2 4


In 2024 I will make a double summit attempt on Everest + Lhotse, the worlds 1st and 4th

highest mountains. Campaigning to raise awareness for blood clot and mental health related

trauma, I will sell signed limited edition fine art photographic prints and posters to fund the expedition with a goal of reaching 75k USD


M Y   S T O R Y


I went through something... My physical health was compromised in a way that was misunderstood. A huge blood clot present throughout my neck, subclavian and right arm which subsequently wrecked my body. The not knowing and lack of answers surrounding my condition was crippling. As time moved on the frustration grew fuelled by debilitating physical symptoms, intermittent swelling of my right arm, pain, discolouration and throbbing multiple times a day, all day, relentlessly for months on end. I was at risk of pulmonary embolism or stroke, which could cause death or serious mental and physical disability at any time without warning. At my worst I had lost 90% of the strength and stamina on my dominant side, my mental health was crumbling and I was consumed with anxiety. I could feel the clot growing inside of me and the damage it was slowly doing, my world felt like it was caving in and the doctors couldn’t  provide a diagnosis of what was happening to me, or how to effectively treat it. I was ‘a medical mystery’ and told that they don’t understand my condition as ‘science isn’t there yet’.


As my condition was deteriorating so was I, desperate for answers I reached out to other treatment centres for second opinions. 6 weeks later I had a fresh set of scans which lead to a diagnosis missed by the previous medical team. The missed diagnosis meant valuable time was lost and treatment became complex and more invasive. Over the next 10 months I had multiple procedures, 2 major surgeries which removed my whole first rib, and a vascular reconstruction where a vein was harvested from my leg and put in my subclavian to repair the damage. I was haemophiliac and had been taking blood thinners for over 12 months. I suffered through chronic anxiety related to PTS (Post Thrombotic Syndrome), depression and PTSD. I had to recover from a collapsed lung and nerve damage which were complications from the first surgery, and following my second surgery my nervous system went into shock putting me in chronic pain for 7 weeks. 


With what the pandemic bought it was the perfect storm, I had relocated to North America away from my family, friends and support unit which made coping through the trauma particularly challenging. It was over 2 years before I was able to come back, I felt broken beyond repair, isolated and lonely in a way which felt so final and a shell of the vibrant being I once was. 


It has been a long and difficult road, but now out of recovery following my second surgery I see daylight for the first time. An opportunity to take back control and regain my purpose. To put this nightmare behind me and climb out of the dark. Next year I will return to the Himalayas to make a double summit attempt on Everest and Lhotse, the worlds 1st and 4th  highest mountains to raise awareness for blood clot and mental health related trauma. With a goal of reaching $65k USD to fund this expedition I will begin fund raising by selling signed limited edition fine art photographic prints and posters from the body of work I have created across this beautiful place. 


Any form of purchase, donation or support received to this cause is greatly appreciated

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