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A collection of words and memories from the mountains 


Smiles from basecamp - Ama Dablam expedition 2019

B E Y O N D   T H E R E

Beyond there is a magnificent place

Where the beautiful faces kiss the sky

A calling from above the clouds

An unescapable allure

I must go


I head to the place which breathes life into my soul 

Enriched by a visual poetry and soothed by its embrace

Moved by a simplicity only accessible to me beyond there

A place I am at peace

A place I must go


As I wonder into the battle fields of the big mountains

The beauty in the suffering is what I see

The moments of clarity

The ability to be present and live free in this moment

There is nothing else, There is no one else 

I must go


A spiritual awakening from within

A connection to nature and our beautiful planet

A place I truly love

A place I must go


A magical call from the islands in the sky

The beautiful danger I see

The creative pursuit I chase

A story i wish to tell

The Himalaya

 I must go

IMG_9545 2.JPG

Summit of Gokyi Ri photographing Everest (8848m) + Lhotse (8516m) at sunset - Khumbu Valley, Nepal, 2016

Dominic1266-28 1.jpg

Taking in the view, rest day at Ama dablam (6812m) basecamp - Sagamatha National park, Nepal, 2019


Summit of  Ama Dablam (6812m, Himalayas, Nepal, 2019

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